Bonefish are found on Tobago’s sandy and coral flats, and we mostly wade for them here either from the shore or out on the reefs via boat. The fish are here year-round but seem to prefer the warmer months leading up to summer. Bones here grow big with the average catch being 4-5lbs you will most likely see double digit fish while wading and catching 7-8lb fish is quite common.

Permit the holy grail of fly fishing! Yes, we have them and big ones to. Just like the bonefish we fish the same flats for them, and I know some great spots to get shots at tailing permit in that 30+ lb size. We often see big schools here with fish ranging from 5-40lb. These fish are smart, and they grow big here for that reason so bring your A- game if you want a big one on fly!

Tarpon are here year round in the back country lagoons and range between 5-20lb. But we also get migratory Tarpon along our coast and these fish will get 100+lb. While we can find large tarpon through out the Year, the best time to fish them is May to September as we usually get large schools of baitfish during that time.

Snook are also here year round on our coastlines and especially our lagoons, and Tobago has some impressive specimens! These fish are one of my favourites to catch on the Fly!

In Tobago we also catch multiple other Inshore species like, Jacks, Snapper, barracuda, trigger fish, bonito to name a few.